The Price of Beer

The other day I was getting together with a couple of friends to watch a movie on my buddy’s home theater. We were on the phone while he was leaving work, and he was telling me all of the things he had to stop for before he got home. He had to fill his car up, stop and get pizza, then stop and get beer. I told him to skip the beer and I would pick it up and meet him at his house. My friends and I are pretty experienced beer drinkers, having sampled most existing beer styles at one time or another. The last thing he said before we hung up was “Pick up some Rogue Dead Guy”. Well, that sounded good. Rogue is an excellent brewery with wonderful products. Dead Guy is my friends favorite beer, so I dutifully went into the store, picked up a six-pack of Rogue and a six-pack of St. Arnold’s Amber. St. Arnold’s is a great brewery out of Houston Texas. Their products are just great, and their amber, along with Abita Amber, is what I consider a great session beer. In any case, when I got to the register and was checking out, it occurred to me that the Rogue was $14.99 a six-pack. As I stood there paying and waiting while they bagged the beer, I wondered what the average non-craft beer drinker would do if a beer they put on the counter rang up for $15? Rogue is a great beer. I love it, and it is my buddy’s favorite. To me, the $15 was fine. It is what beer costs. To a consumer who may only drink American Domestics, a six-pack is under $4. I was fine with the price because I have been drinking craft beers for many years, and at no time in the last couple of decades has beer cost less than around a dollar per beer. When it was done, I picked up the beer and went to watch the movie. My buddy was a bit taken back by the price, but like he said, it is what he likes. He is ok with it too. My other friend that was there is pretty much the same way. What is important is that we like the product, not so much what the cost is. Can beer be too expensive? Sure. There is a limit, even if I like it, as to how often I will spend that much for anything. What is the real cost of beer? Considering how long it has been since I have been able to palate domestic lager, the cost of beer is whatever it takes to get me something with taste. Once I get to that amount, anything above will just have to depend on my mood and pocket-book at the time.


~ by tardoin on August 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Price of Beer”

  1. I am a big craft beer guy and home brewer. I agree with what you say here but only to a point. If we were just paying Rogue what it cost to make a quality or even an exceptional product then that would be fine but we are also paying sin taxes and all of the middlemen mandated by our antiquated beer laws. We are paying import specialty shop prices for west coast american ales. That ain’t right.

  2. I agree with you 100%! Our liquor laws are ridiculous. It isn’t even fair to say they are antiquated, because after the repeal of prohibition, there was still a large faction of Prohibitionists who managed to get an incredibly fragmented and convoluted system of laws put in place reflecting alcohol in America. There needs to be a major overhaul of the laws governing alcohol, though with the strength of the alcohol lobby, it will never get done.

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